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Nor Handmade Art Doll



One of a kind, created February 2011

Height 16 ins/41 cms

Nor has come out of the dark pines of Thetford Forest. This Forest is taking some time to come forward and reveal itself, but slowly, through the black-green and dampness, brilliance and subtlety of colour, texture and form are emerging. Fallen needles rot and chafe together thickly on the paths and forest floor, whilst overhead new ones in bright dark soft green are feather light as dandelions in this sharp east wind. Nor stands darkly in the barren shadows of the pines, greening in her own good time...

Nor is made from calico, entirely handstitched and painted, with a little latex cap and hands made from cloth-wrapped wire. Her muslin dress is fixed with two odd buttons and its rips and tears are repaired with some informal tatting-style embroidery.

Name : Molly Fishskins - (Molly Fishskins)
Member Type: Maker or Artist