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Emily Handmade Art Doll



One of a kind, created May 2010

Height 47cms/19ins (approx)

Emily represents a vision of Emily Bronte, her half-humanity, her frailty, self-absorption and fierceness. She doesn't want to look at or acknowledge you, she's already got one foot in the grave and is becoming something other. Emily Bronte seemingly starved herself to death.

Emily is made from calico, entirely handstitched and painted. Her dress is muslin stained with endless cups of tea enjoyed on dreary afternoons at the Vicarage, and rolled over with paint. Her face is covered with a skin of thin paper, then painted. Her eyes are one button and two glass seed beads in violet. No shoes for Emily.

Name : Molly Fishskins - (Molly Fishskins)
Member Type: Maker or Artist