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Guest Artist at Knitting and Stitching

Artists have always re-cycled and re-used materials and recently, given the current financial climate, the practice has become even more popular. Cas Holmes, renowned for her use of found materials, will be guest artist at the Festival of Quilts, NEC Birmingham, August 16-19 and the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace October 11-14 2012.

How to Select Handmade Jewelry

When you choose handmade jewelry for yourself or a unique gift, you are purchasing a piece of work directly from the artist's creative hands. This gives it special meaning and value. Much thought and design knowledge has gone into creating your special handmade jewelry piece. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best selection. Handmade jewelry makes a very special gift.

Knitting and Stitching Show

I will be guest artist at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London in 2012. Will update later.

Catherine Marche shows jewellery at JeDeCo pop-up shop at Jianhui London

JeDeCo pop-up shop at Jianhui London

In celebration of London Design Festival, Jianhui London is hosting a special JeDeCo, ‘Jewellery Designers’ Collective’, show at his studio at Gabriel’s Wharf.

As well as Jianhui London, visitors will have the rare opportunity to buy from 12 independent jewellers including Linnie McLarty, Keren Cornelius, Jessica De Lotz, Emma Rose, Sian Bostwick, MODICA Jewellery, Zelda Cave, Sima Vaziry, Annika Burman, Cindy Dennis Mangan, Catherine Marche and Rosemary Lucas.

South East Open Studios, 3rd-19th June 2011. I am exhibiting at:

I am exhibiting at: SHED GALLERY 2011 – South East Open Studios

Anne Kelly, Cas Holmes, Clare Kelly, Karl Simmons, Lucy Willsher

Mixed media textiles, painting, framed boxes and papercuts

Open 4,5,8,11,12,15,18,19 June 11am – 6 pm

29 Dynevor Road, Tunbridge Wells

Shaun Hall Raku exhibited in New Delhi

Between the 1st and 4th April Shaun is exhibiting works in association with Handmade in Britain- at the VIHAHA festival in New Delhi. This is an exciting opportunity in an expanding market.

Shaun Hall featured in 500 RAKU

Shaun is one of the featured artists in the new Lark publications book- 500 Raku published in the UK in April.

The Found Object in Textile Art

I have just written my first book, appropriate for recessionary times. I am also exhibiting at 'Natural Histories'.

The Found Object in Textile Art.

Textile artists have always used found objects and recently, given the current financial and social climate, the practice has become even more popular.

Mundane objects such as CD cases can be used to create stunning pieces of art, teabags have been used to create large installations, biscuits used for printing and old paper transformed into ballet shoes.

Arts Administrator needed

The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen is looking for an administrator to work with the guild committee and chairman on the day-to-day running and special events of the guild. The post of Arts Administrator is essential to the effective running of the guild. He or she is responsible for the Guild’s administrative duties, and acts as a liaison between the Committee and the members, as well as between the guild and the outside world.

The Administrator would work Tuesdays from the Guild Gallery/office in Painswick, and the remaining hours either from home or from the gallery.

Craft and Upcyclng

Where I grew up in the south of England, the railings from the front gardens of almost all the houses were missing. Little metal stubs were all that remained. Gates and fences, sliced off over 70 yeas ago and never replaced, were taken away for the war effort and made into munitions and other urgent supplies. Recently, walking round south London, I realised that the fences of many of the housing estates were metal stretchers used in the war, made out of those gates and railings. The perfect circle of reinvention. Not until our imaginations run out completely can we throw something away. Everything can be retrieved somehow. My craft starts here.

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